Manka’s Life Diet- More Than Just a Diet.

I am Manka.

I live and resident in Prague, Czech Republic, where I am managing life as a single mom.
Life has always been a bit of a conundrum and struggle for me but I am set out to change that!
I am on a journey to lose 40 KG or 80LBS.
This is not my first rodeo but it will be my last.
I am metamorphosing and finding new paths in life and within this, I inherently believe I can succeed this time.
It is a holistic view of my weight loss journey. It is not just a weight loss journey.
It is a life journey. To profoundly change the things that I do not like and I know are holding me back.
What in life do I like, how does it affect my mental being? Where do I want to go and what do I need to do to come here?
How is this all connected mentally and how can I overcome all obstacles to once be free and love myself to succeed?
Weight is a side effect of not respecting myself and that needs to stop.