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Beat Procrastination- Beat Weight Gain

Maybe not beat but at least work towards some decreasing of it. I really believe hinder the instant gratification monkey and work towards productivity is to be truly successful on a long-term basis with my weight loss. It has to be sustained forever and to do that, I need to heal from whatever shit is…

How to Holistic Weight loss- My Version

I read something really sad today. Something I think about quite frequently and it is something I have on my mind on a regular basis. According to the article on CBC “Only about five percent of people who try to lose weight ultimately succeed, according to the research. ” There is other research out there…

What Did I Do to Get Active – Active Weight loss

Working out nor not working out-that is the question. The idea in the past was that work out alone was the main activity that would get us slim. Now the winning thought can be found in the expression: You Cannot Out Train a Bad Diet I do not know which is correct. I do understand…

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